Board Meetings. Good Eats. Badass Bitches. and the High Life


Christmas dinner with the Fam at Bruno’s Pizzeria.
Merry Christmas at Balboa Park SD.
One of the wealthiest men Warren Buffet it says it best, “Never depend on a single income.” Warren Buffet doesn’t…. Are you? Check out Let’s build you a second income.
Fun times with @rockthejay. He must not be sober…. Just look at him…. No shame.
Finally spent some quality time with my toys. #ar15 #remington #sig556 #30-06 #trijicon #acogescope #sharpshooter
Woke up to see my cousins ombrè and she picks her wedgie….. Looks like a deep one haha. @onemanwolfpak @kdinglasan
I forgot today was my birthday this morning. It’s not throwback Thursday but this is what I’m looking forward to this weekend haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLAN!!!
Bingo!!!! Winner winner chicken dinner. This is way super advanced than what I remember in 3rd grade.
Happy birthday Allan. Thank you @arianne_e for the king size suite!!!!